Architecture & Site Plan


The site layout is designed to balance the needs of residents, customers, and the community.  The larger buildings (A and B) front onto East College Street, with restaurants and shops on the first floor and condos above. You can view the full site plan here.


The Interior

In the interior of the site, the three buildings frame a central courtyard that integrates outdoor seating areas for restaurants, public gathering space, resident garden space, landscaped green space, and art gallery space into a vibrant public venue. Upper floor apartments have balconies overlooking the space, and the artists and businesses on the first floor of buildings B and C have a showroom entrance from the courtyard.



In order to maintain a pedestrian oriented center, car traffic has been moved to the edges of the site. Residents will park in a 35-car private underground garage beneath buildings A and B. Visitors and shoppers can park on the streets or in the parking lot in the back of the site.

Video site tour of the East College Street Project from East College Street Project on Vimeo.