Workforce Housing


10 of the thirty-three residential condos have been purchased by SCA from an investment by the Kendeda Fund, a philanthropic partner in this project.  These units will be held as rentals affordable for moderate-income residents. Workforce housing will be invisibly integrated into the development, with subsidized and unsubsidized units of the same quality intermixed.  The pictures on this page are an example of an workforce housing residence in the East College Street building.


Our goal is to create a high quality environment that attracts affluent residents to downtown Oberlin, while also being accessible to moderate-income residents who would not otherwise be able to live there.  In this way, people of all incomes can reap the benefits of high-performance green building: saving money on their electric and gas bills while living close enough to downtown jobs, goods, and services that they seldom need to drive to meet their daily needs.


As of September 2010 all of our workforce housing is leased. We expect vacancies in May 2010. Please e-mail or call us at 440 574 9527 to discuss how to qualify and let us know you are interested in being part of the East College Street Project community