The East College Street Project is focused on bringing locally- and regionally-owned retail shops, restaurants, and offices to downtown Oberlin.  We believe that diversifying and updating Oberlin’s commercial offerings will help increase the vibrancy of Oberlin’s downtown community.

We constructed 20,000 square feet of retail, office and restaurant space for businesses that we believe will add to the quality of life for Oberlin residents and make Oberlin a more appealing place for visitors. Please see the tenants portion of our website for more information about the exciting businesses that have opened or will be opening soon.

We have approximately 1,600 square feet of retail space left on East College Street and approximately 2,500 square feet of office/studio space that is for lease or for sale.

If you are interested in opening a business and would like more information, please e-mail or call us at 440 574 9527.