Daylighting and High Performance Windows


Our expansive windows and high ceilings provide a strong connection between indoor spaces and the outdoors by maximizing the natural daylighting, ventilation, and views available in each unit. This also reduces energy used in lighting by taking maximum advantage of natural light.

We used only the highest performance windows by Andersen and Milgard to let in the maximum possible amount of light while minimizing energy use.

SunCoat Low-E coating is a microscopically thin coating applied to the glass to reflect heat from its source in the summer, reflect heat back inside in the winter, and reduce harmful UV rays.

Argon Gas is injected in between the window panes to further improve thermal performance.

Edgegard Max is a spacer and sash system designed to stop heat flow and reduce condensation, which improves energy efficiency and helps to extend the life of the window. The all-foam window spacer expands and contracts so there is less energy loss due to seal failure or stress cracks. Additionally it reduces noise transfer up to 18 percent over all-metal spacers. The window sashes are also separated into thermally isolated pockets to reduce heat transfer.