Sustainable Community Associates are three young developer/entrepreneurs working in Oberlin, Ohio. We formed as a corporation in the spring of 2001 while we were still students at Oberlin College. In between studying for our final exams, we played Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who would be the President, Chairman of the Board, and CEO of the corporation. When all three of us refused to throw anything other than rock we flipped a coin.

Back then, we were planning on starting a community center for local youth, centralizing a bunch of innovative programs that we’d been involved in while we were students. As time passed, we realized that opportunities to catalyze change are rare and that we had an opportunity to start something which tried to address long standing challenges that Oberlin faces. We saw a need for high-quality housing for people of all incomes, a need for new business and job creation, and a need to bring more people downtown.  We realized that we were actually in the business of real estate development, and the East College Street Project began to take shape.

Over the last few years we have received federal appropriations, negotiated Tax Increment Financing agreements with the City of Oberlin, cleaned up a brownfield,  and closed a fifteen million dollar financing package.  It’s been a long road, with a lot of twists and turns before we started construction in December 2008.

If you have any comments, suggestions for next projects or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.