Business Spotlight: Anna Beauty Center

Anna Li opened her beauty center in AsiaTown twenty years ago. She had recently immigrated from China, and wanted to create a boutique where people could learn more about her culture and access convenient services and great products.

“I always knew I wanted to own my own business,” she said when we sat down to talk. Since opening, her beauty center has served as an access point through which more people could come into the AsiaTown community.


In the last year, Anna moved to a new location within AsiaTown. The larger space has recently been renovated, and products fill the space in neat displays. You can see right away when you enter why Anna’s is the largest distributor of Shiseido products in Ohio, and Anna herself is incredibly fluent in the products, making quick recommendations in response to customers’ needs.

The Shiseido brand is one of the oldest cosmetic companies in the world, originating in Japan in 1872. Today, it is a significant player on the global beauty market and is available around the world. Products include skin care, hair care, and personal care as well as makeup and fragrances.

In addition to selling Shiseido products, Anna also offers facials, massages, makeup and hairstyling, and services for weddings and other events. Her focus is on bringing clean products and healthy options to both women and men in the community.

Anna Beauty Center is located near Muller Lofts at 3101 Superior Avenue E, Cleveland, Ohio 44114. Visit to learn more about their products and services.