In The Neighborhood with Kate Rutter, Intuitive Floral Artist ✨ 

Earlier this month, I had the chance to visit @kate.rutter’s shop, which recently opened in Tremont (P.S. it’s just a brief 5-minute walk from our SCA properties!)

Having designed with fleurs myself for over six years, I have tremendous respect for Kate and her craft. Her creations are truly breathtaking, and you can instantly tell she pours love and intention into every design, whether it’s for a wedding or a personal arrangement.

From the moment you walk through the door, it’s clear that flowers form the heart of the space. Thoughtful choices are behind her arrangements, and she offers a meticulously curated assortment of items like handcrafted incense, candles, ritual items, tarot, ceramics, and more. Each is ideal for complementing the florals and creating the perfect gift—either for yourself or for others. There is no question that she has completely transformed this space into a place where one can have a truly unique experience!

The shop is open Tuesday & Wednesday from 10 AM to 2 PM, Thursday & Friday from 10 AM to 6 PM, and Saturday from 10 AM to 5 PM. Fresh flowers arrive each week on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and are sold on a first-come, first-served basis! Be sure to follow her on Instagram for the most up-to-date announcements and hours of operation. 

Why? Because life is better with flowers 🌺 

- Aireonna
So this popped up in my memories from 3 years ago — then citizen @mayorbibb  visiting SCA residents a few months before the Primary. 

When you read the National news it is so hard, but we need to summon that same energy this November. 

Dont forget if you need info on how to register here, send us a DM

We have a great senator @sensherrodbrown running for reelection and it will take all of us 

Do you recall a few weeks ago a snow-like substance floating through the air and collecting on the ground? This is Cottonwood! 

It’s a beautiful sight to see but did you know cottonwood collects in the coils of the air conditioning units?

We have a preventative maintenance agreement with an HVAC company, Brewer-Garrett. One of the things included in the preventative maintenance agreement is washing the cottonwood off of the air conditioner’s coils in the summer. Debris like Cottonwood trapped in the coils can cause increased energy costs and potentially damage the system. An efficient HVAC system will save everyone money but most importantly, limits our carbon footprint!


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Frequently Asked Questions

All of our communities are pet friendly - no extra monthly fees/deposits needed. We just ask you let us know you have a pet before signing your lease, or obtain our permission before getting one if you already live with us. Generally, we have a 2 pet limit, however we are open to exceptions on an individual basis. You must have your pet on a leash in all common areas, and pick up after your dog.

Maintenance requests should be submitted using this form and are usually responded to/resolved within 1-2 business days. See the video guide below for how our maintenance process works. If this is a true emergency, please contact the emergency phone line in our maintenance form.

Residents are strictly prohibited from subleasing their unit or listing it on a timeshare service such as AirBNB. The security of our residents is paramount to us, and we want to ensure that we know who is coming and going from all of our facilities.

What can I put on my wall?

Make your apartment feel like a home. We are not looking to subtract from your security deposit for normal holes in the drywall, like putting up art or mounting a TV. The walls in all of our buildings have wood studs. Do not drill into any brick.

I'm having thermostat issues – what do I do?

If your thermostat reads an error, contact us right away. We have a contract with Brewer-Garrett HVAC Service. They will come out as soon as possible, typically within 24 hours.

Will you change my HVAC filter?

We will come by every 3 months to change your HVAC filter for you.

Is my building cleaned regularly? 

All of our buildings are cleaned 5 days a week. Be sure to say hi to our wonderful custodial team!

Does SCA recycle and compost?

We recycle at all of our buildings. Recycling is available in the trash room on your floor. Instructions on what can be recycled are in each trash room and in your orientation packet.

The Fairmont Creamery, West 17th Street Townhomes, and The Lincoln share one compost bin. The Tappan and Wagner Awning have their own. Instructions on what can be composted are provided in orientation packets.

Who handles snow removal at SCA properties?

In the winter, we work with MVP Snow Removal to keep all of our surface parking lots and sidewalks free from snow/ice. Below are some helpful do’s and dont’s for winter weather:

When will I receive an option to renew my lease? 

Our leases are 12 months. We will give you a 60 day notice with the option to renew the lease or let us know you will be moving.

What amenities do I have access to as an SCA resident?

All of our residents have access to outdoor space, a 24-hour fitness center, a pet wash, and roof deck.

Tremont Athletic Club are our long time partners, located at the Fairmont Creamery. Residents in any of our buildings can receive a discounted membership for as long as you live with us. Contact TAC for more details here.

How do I change the batteries in my gate/garage opener?

Leaving anything with a battery in cold temperatures can greatly reduce its lifetime. We recommend bringing in your parking lot remote every night to extend the battery's life. We also recommend changing your remote's battery once a year to prevent it from dying unexpectedly. Replacement batteries can be found at most stores and online!

For The Tappan parking lots and The Creamery garage remotes, use a Lithium 2032 battery.

For The Lincoln garage remotes, use a AAA battery.

For the Barber parking lot remotes, use a 9V battery.

You can view a tutorial video here to learn how to change yours!

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