The Lincoln Will Have Living Façade

While the team at Sustainable Community Associates (SCA) is usually known for repurposing historic Cleveland buildings into hip apartments, writes Karin Connelly Rice for FreshWater, the developers are well into their second new construction, and latest, apartment project—The Lincoln at the corner of Scranton Road and Willey Avenue in Tremont—just across the way from their 2014 Fairmont Creamery project down the street from their last new-construction project, The Tappan, completed last year.

“We took a little bit of a break from historic preservation with The Tappan and The Lincoln,” says SCA partner Naomi Sabel. “It seemed like a natural progression. But we’ll go back to historic preservation soon.”

The group has created a reputation for repurposing the historic Wagner Awning Building in Tremont and the Mueller Lofts in AsiaTown, but the company also focuses on creating unique living spaces, revitalizing forgotten urban pockets, and supporting local first-time entrepreneurs and the working person.

With the completion of The Tappan last year, The Lincoln represents the latest phase in SCA’s work to fill in and reinvigorate the Scranton Corridor. “The Tappan was a wild project,” says Sabel. “It happened during the height of COVID, was completed in May 2020 and went very quickly—it filled up in two or three months.”

Meanwhile, the SCA team was already making plans to build The Lincoln—an 82-unit, four-story building designed by Bialosky architecture firm, with general contractor Snavely Construction breaking ground on the $26 million project in January.

The building was inspired by the push and pull between nature and industry, Sabel says, and Bialosky took inspiration from both Lincoln Park and the steel railroad bridges along Scranton Road.

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This article was originally published on June 23, 2021 in FreshWater.