Polaroid Project: Chie, Shelli, and Stephanie in AsiaTown

Polaroid Project: Chie, Shelli, and Stephanie in AsiaTown

For this installation of our Polaroid series, we asked three friends—Chichi, Shelli, and Stephanie—who met at Mueller Lofts to share their favorite things about AsiaTown with us. We'll let them introduce themselves!



Chichi has been loving living in Mueller Lofts! Being Asian- American, living in AsiaTown is a huge perk. Her doggo Paco also loves the community of dogs within Mueller!

Shelli is a storyteller. She loves listening to older adults in Cleveland tell her about the past while ensuring we are recording this present moment. When she is at home at Mueller Lofts, she is tending to her 27 plants, including her 11-foot Fiddle Leaf Fig, Mister Figgly Wiggly.

Steph lives with her pup #ChurroInCLE (and 2 kitties) in Mueller Lofts. She was one of the first tenants three years ago, and  loves her apartment because of the amazing lighting and its views of the city. She runs her own business, the Cleveland Flea, and for a while, got to walk to work because (pre-pandemic) they were right around the corner in Tyler Village!

1. Han Chinese Kabob & Grill

A neighborhood staple, everything at Han Chinese Kabob & Grill is super fresh and insanely delicious! Pictured is salt and pepper fish, spicy Sichuan cold noodle, Xinjiang-style lamb, and the chef's special, dry chili chicken.

2. Koko Bakery

Koko Bakery is your go-to stop for Asian bread. Everything is delicious, but we particularly love the pork floss bun and coconut bun.

3. Good Harvest Foods Market

You'll find amazing fresh veggies at Good Harvest Food Market! Also their duck is insane!

4. Wonton Gourmet & BBQ

Another delicious Chinese spot, you really can’t go wrong with anything at Wonton Gourmet & BBQ.

5. Dagu Rice Noodle

They have amazing noodles at Dagu, but our true love lies with their bubble tea! You can’t ever go wrong with any of their boba.

6. Noble Beast Brewing Co.

We love the airy interior at Noble Beast Brewing Co.—and the unique handcrafted beer and food!

7. LJ Shanghai

Don’t you dare get soup dumplings anywhere else! LJ is the sweetest soul around.

Pro tip: When you're at LJ Shanghai, order your soup dumplings one at a time so that you get it fresh every time!

8. Mueller Lofts

Our dogs love the building and all that it offers in terms of amenities, spaces to play, and pets from neighbors. We love Mueller Lofts!