Polaroid Project: Erin in Tremont

Hello, I’m Erin and I live in the Wagner Awning Building. I have resided there since before the Tappan was constructed!

I am a native Clevelander, growing up in a suburb on the west side. Cleveland has my heart, as it is full of fun-loving, hard-working people who appreciate a good craft beer, a hearty meal, and who have experienced weather from all seasons in just one day. Living in Tremont after college has been such a blast, and I love to welcome non-native Clevelanders to the area, showing them some neat spots that may not be as well noticed by those just walking by.

1. Tremont Tap House

Tremont Tap House is the bar next door. It's place you can go for a beer with friends, a drink after work, or a relaxing dinner outside with your close friends and family. In the summer, they stream Indians and Cavs (in play-off season) on the big screen outside. My two favorite menu items are the black and blue burger and the mac n’ cheese with chorizo—both fantastic!

2. Leavened

This bakery is exceptional, and it's likely dangerous being located right across the street. If you haven’t tried their cruffins or pepperoni rolls, they come highly recommended—or a warm cinnamon roll with a coffee to cozy up with for a relaxing weekend. They also have spectacular sandwiches, if lunch is more your vibe.

3. Towpath Guardian Bridge

While walking along the Towpath down Scranton towards the Flats, there is a phenomenal view of the Guardian Bridge with the city skyline peeking underneath. The Towpath, which now connects all the way past the Steelyard, is great for a quick evening walk, a long afternoon stroll, meandering around with a coffee in hand from one of the many fabulous coffee shops in Tremont (Civilization or Loop, to name a few) on a crisp, fall morning.

4. Towpath Drawbridge

While walking back up the Towpath towards the Tremont Cleveland sign, which provides another stunning view of the city, we saw the drawbridge rise, and a giant barge navigating the Cuyahoga River waters. This spot along the Cuyahoga is also a wonderful area to kayak or join a rowing team during warmer months.


5-6. Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is one of the best in the nation, and it is located technically just outside the Tremont neighborhood. My favorite animal has always been elephants, and the Cleveland Zoo is one of the best places to see these creatures up close. Grab a zoo pass and a beverage, and peruse the animals—you’ll feel like you’re on a safari!

7. Lincoln Park

Heading through Lincoln Park is almost a daily occurrence for me. Whether I'm heading to grab a coffee at Civilization, a poke bowl at Corner 11, a cocktail at Prosperity, a quick drink at Lincoln Park Pub, or Sunday brunch at Grumpy's Cafe, I am passing through Lincoln Park.

This park space is very well utilized. In my time in Tremont, I have gone to many yoga sessions, beer fests, and farmers market, which take place every Tuesday evening from May to October.

8. Edison's Pub

I would argue that Edison’s Pub has the best window seat in Tremont, and the best pizza in Cleveland. While waiting for your next slice or pie, head over to the Pub side and grab a drink. You won’t be disappointed by the quaint and friendly atmosphere while waiting to devour some of the best pizza in the Land.


9. A Christmas Story House

If you live in Cleveland and haven’t seen the movie A Christmas Story, you may want to schedule a movie night (although many parts of the movie were filmed in Toronto, Canada). At the very least, I’m sure you’ve seen the iconic “leg lamps” driving around the neighborhood in the winter months.

After walking through 80s nostalgia within A Christmas Story House, grab a bite to eat at The Rowley Inn, which opens at 7:00 am to accommodate those that work the night shift. Their Brussel Shrimp, Taco Tuesday menu, and brunch are all exceptional.