Sustainable Community Associates Welcome First-Time Business Owner, Marco Alexzander, to The Lincoln

Sustainable Community Associates Welcome First-Time Business Owner, Marco Alexzander, to The Lincoln

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Sustainable Community Associates, a Cleveland-based real estate developer, is excited to announce that Marco Alexzander, a local hairstylist, will be launching his first independent salon at The Lincoln.

After working in the industry for more than a decade and as an independent stylist for the last five years, Alexzander decided it was time to craft his own space. Helooked to his home neighborhood, Tremont, to put down those roots.

“We really fell in love with the area because of where we lived before, Wagner Awning and the Fairmont Creamery,” Alexzander said. He and his husband lived at these SCA properties for a total of five years before buying their first home.

“We have a lot of people new to Cleveland in our communities, and one of the questions that comes up frequently is “Where can I get my hair done?” It seems like a simple thing, but it can be difficult to find a salon you trust in a new city.” Josh Rosen, co-founder of SCA explained. “Knowing Marco for so many years as a resident, knowing his talent, and ambition, and knowledge of the community—his salon was a perfect fit for us and for our residents.”

Alexzander has been working closely with Bialosky Architects to design the salon. The salon will have a modern, sophisticated feel and will carry many of the natural elements found in the residential space throughout. Large windows will fill the space with light. The space is laid out to create a full-service circle, where customers can come in, escape from the outside world, and truly indulge in the salon’s services. Greenery will be intentionally positioned throughout the space to create a sense of privacy while customers enjoy the salon’s services.

“What gets me excited about opening my own business is just having people walk through that door, and know that every aspect of what’s presented here was thought out through and through,” Alexzander explained. This is clearly illustrated through the layout of the salon, which allows for both private and communal spaces where customers can focus on being present, enjoying the moment, and connecting with stylists and fellow customers. This emphasis on bringing people together was a central component of Alexzander’s vision for his first business. “When I dream about my salon, I really dream about community and bringing people together.” Alexzander said, adding, “I want people to feel comfortable and welcomed, and just excited to be [here].”

In discussing what he feels about opening the salon this coming spring and his entrepreneurial venture, Alexzander said, “It’s exciting, it’s nerve wracking, it's challenging. But, it’s so liberating. I feel as if I can finally create a space that I genuinely fell in love with and now everyone gets to fall in love with it, too.”

Marco Alexzander Salon will offer haircuts and styling, blowouts, colors, other treatments, and an array of product and retail offerings. It joins Urban Planting Cleveland at The Lincoln.

The Lincoln will open in April 2022, and welcome its first residents in early May. It will include 82 units and 4,000 square feet of commercial space. Twenty percent of the units will be held for people making below Cleveland’s average annual income. The building will open to residents in May 2022, and joins Fairmont Creamery, The Tappan, nearby Wagner Awning, and AsiaTown’s Mueller Lofts—all of which SCA owns and operates.

Regular construction updates can be found by following @sustainableca on Instagram.

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About Sustainable Community Associates

Sustainable Community Associates is a community development firm focused on invigorating main streets and revitalizing urban areas in socially responsible and sustainable ways. We believe that with determination, creativity and the willingness to challenge conventional wisdom, real estate development can have a transformative impact on a neighborhood.

To date, the team is responsible for the Fairmont Creamery, the Wagner Awning, the Mueller Lofts, The Tappan, and their original development, the East College Street Project. The Lincoln, their latest project, will be completed in May 2022.

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