We’re Hiring: Tenant Experience Coordinator

Who We Are

Sustainable Community Associates is a real estate development firm focused on catalytic mixed-use projects across Northeast Ohio. We believe that with determination, creativity, and the willingness to challenge conventional wisdom, community-oriented development can have a transformative impact on a neighborhood.

Our Need

SCA’s mission is to develop joyful, connected communities where residents feel known and heard, and our reviews reflect our keen capacity to build lasting relationships with tenants. As our reach expands across Northeast Ohio through new projects, we seek a colleague who can help us grow while maintaining these responsive relationships, which have become a hallmark of SCA’s identity. To that end, we are eager to hire a Tenant Experience Coordinator who will be dedicated to maintaining our operations and customer service systems, ensuring that each tenant’s experience meets our ambitious goals. Our new colleague must be a superb communicator across a variety of written and in-person contexts, capable of connecting with a broad range of constituents.

The Role

We hope to hire an individual interested in community development with a special focus on enhancing tenant experiences. The Tenant Experience Coordinator will primarily be responsible for the following tasks with opportunities for additional assignments based on skill sets:

  • Lead the tenant application process for all SCA properties, including but not limited to background checks, lease execution, building access management, resident orientation, and contract management
  • Evaluate the residential experience and share tenant feedback to improve systems across all departments
  • Share in the resident communication process, helping to find opportunities and address gaps in relationship-building outreach Identify ways to streamline internal processes to maximize efficiency and improve customer service
  • Respond to various tenant inquiries on a daily basis

Ultimately, we see this person as an on-the-ground analyst for organizational effectiveness and efficiency. This person will provide a critical perspective for our growth. They will work in concert with and report to the Director of Operations, but given the small size of our company, we hope to hire someone interested in working across the organization with an all-hands approach.

Preferred Additional Experience

  • Relevant work experience in customer service or administrative work
  • Experience using HubSpot or similar customer relationship management software
  • Familiarity with the Google Workspace including Google Drive

Our Culture

SCA is a small and dynamic team. We value self-starting, solutions-oriented colleagues who collaborate across areas of need. We attract organized, detail-oriented individuals who apply empathy and systems-level thinking to the complexity of community development and the unique challenges and opportunities of this work. We are a civically engaged and socially-conscious company, and we seek a compatriot who shares these core values.

To Apply

All interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to josh@sustainableca.com,
joe@sustainableca.com, and naomi@sustainableca.com. Please indicate the job title in the subject line. Candidates with diverse and varied backgrounds are encouraged to apply. We will consider all ranges of experiences. We will begin reviewing applications immediately. Salary will be competitive and commensurate with skills and experience. Opportunities to live at a discounted rate in one of SCA’s properties is also a possibility.