The Plain Dealer: “Fairmont Creamery deal in Tremont closes”

Despite the frigid temperatures, writes Michele Jarboe for The Plain Dealer, work will start this week to turn a former creamery building in Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood into a home for apartments, a business accelerator and other tenants.

A developer trio has purchased the Fairmont Creamery building on Willey Avenue for $450,000. Real estate records show that the sale, part of a $14.9 million redevelopment deal, closed Dec. 30th.

In a testament to the strength of the rental market, Ben Ezinga, Josh Rosen and Naomi Sabel say they have a waiting list of more than 85 people for 30 apartments. That's after just two weeks of casual marketing on Facebook and Craigslist, for a project that won't open until October or November.

"There's clearly a very strong residential market in Cleveland right now," said James Patchett of Goldman Sachs, which agreed to participate as an equity investor and lender on the project.

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